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The patio roof which increases the length of the patio season considerably is called WeiTopa

When such contrasting things as technology and aesthetics work well together, we talk of inner harmony. Not many products harmonise as impressively as the classically elegant cassette awnings I 2000 and K 2000. Both can be combined and extended as required and are available in widths of up to 6.5 m (or coupled units up to 12 m) and with up to 4m projection.

Our classic cassette awnings bringing technology and aesthetics together in harmony are called the I 2000 or K 2000. Choose the right model for your house! While the I 2000 - which is designed for places protected from the weather, such as under the rafters - is open on the wall side, the K 2000 - with its additional back wall section - is a completely enclosed cassette.


  • 47 frame colours / 8 trend colours - The wide range of weinor colours
  • Exclusive fabric collection - Wide choice of sophisticated patterns
  • Cassette design - from classical to modern timeless box shape (21.1 x 20 cm incl. brackets), caps available in other colours
  • Valance is always removable - Optional


  • Maximum size max. width: single section: 700 cm / 2-section: 1,200 cm max. projection: 400cm
  • Motor drive as standard (Crank operation is also available)
  • Wall, ceiling or rafter attachment
  • Includes Agido-868-Sensor (when equipped with WeiTronic remote control). This assures extra safety, as the awning is retracted during heavy vibration.
  • Can be used up to wind force 5. The optional weinor wind supports stabilise your awning in windy conditions.
  • The awning complies with the requirements of wind resistance class shown on the CE-conformity marking.


  • Weinor quality standard - Safety and long service life
  • Patented tilting arm member with wind lock safety device
  • TÜV tested safety - Our awnings have been awarded the TÜV symbol. Safety tested by the TÜV: 6.5 m wide and 3.5 m projection

Terrazza. It certainly improves the looks of the house, partio and garden. In addition, with a maximum size of 600 cm (depth) by 1050 cm (width) it is roomy and provides weather protection for a wide range of outdoor activities. It can be fitted with side and lower sections and so can be used as a conservatory (not all year round as it is not insulated).

Awnings supplied from Affordable Awnings are the highest quality we give a 5 year manufacturers warranty on all of the products unless stated otherwise.

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