Gibus Med Room Fly Cloth

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The Med Room Fly Isola version is a new type of autonomous awning in coated aluminium, with the Fly PVC blackout cloth, UV protection, with a double pantograph in polished steel (Gibus patented system).

The original arched solution allows lateral water drainage into the guttering through the posts to the ground.

The model with single-pantograph is also available upon request. The sophisticated technology that supports and encloses the cloth is covered by a smart frame, which enables this model to adapt to any type of existing structure. The blackout cloth gives protection from dangerous sunrays and blocks out heat, keeping the shaded area cool. Movement is transmitted onto lateral guides, 60 x 130 mm, with a high resistance timing belt, motorised by the SOMFY system with standard activation, RTS remote control or IO-Homecontrol. Possible in versions with 4 or 6 supporting posts, measuring 150 x 150 mm, to cover an area up to 40 square meters. On request, a guard to protect the awning when it is closed.


A single cover up to 7 meters wide with either 3, 6 or 8 perimetral posts that can protect a surface up to 49 sq. m, available in the island or leaning versions.
The geometric balance and elegance of the Med Room line are enhanced by the harmonious shape of the characteristic Fly cloth, which are maintained even in these solutions for large areas. The double slope of the cloth favors the bilateral drainage of water, which flows through the special pipes inside the frame then onto the ground through the openings at the base of the posts. The cloth is stretched and opened by means of a patented system of lateral polished stainless steel pantographs, which stretch the two sides.
The cloth awning is operated by motorized SOMFY systems. A roof, integrated in the frame, gives added protection to the cloth when pulled back.

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