Constructive materials and technologies that guarantee great performance over time and extreme resistance to all atmospheric agents. The white Laminated Sail fabric in polyester, light yet resistant, or Tempoteststar Light® or Waterproof® polyester, available in 32 and 8 colors respectively, give efficacious protection from the sun, humidity and rain.

Manufacturing with radial stitching, characteristic of sails, permits perfectly stretching the fabric once it has been opened and easily rolling it back when closing, preventing sacks of water forming when it rains.

In the basic configuration the awning has four stainless steel masts, inclined and anchored to the ground by means of circular feet. Leaning versions are also available. The closed awning wraps around the boom and is well-anchored to the masts or fastened to the wall.

The motors unroll the awning from the boom by means of a steel cable fastened to the end of the sail, while maintaining the best tension and inclination. The masts that support the motor and the pulley are reinforced by stainless steel rods fastened to the foot. The rolling mechanisms of the cables are all visible, guaranteeing maximum efficaciousness and aesthetic compatibility with the nautical solutions that inspire the awning. All movements are motorized and an anemometer must be installed for the safe automatic closing in case of winds stronger than 40 km/h, which, with a sail that opens up to 10 meters, occurs in less than 40 seconds. Led spotlights are available, which can be fastened to the masts with an appropriate bracket.

Awnings supplied from Affordable Awnings are the highest quality we give a 5 year manufacturers warranty on all of the products unless stated otherwise.

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